Cool Quirk Ideas My Hero Academia

Cool Quirk Ideas My Hero Academia. I’ve posted some of them in the past, but after i finish all of them, i’ll be making a giant spam post of the entire class. (like todoroki) one idea i had was a telekinesis quirk from deku and uraraka (sounds weird but stay with me) deku's mum had the power to pull/levitate small/light objects towards her and uraraka has the power to remove the effect of gravity.

Cool Quirk Ideas My Hero AcademiaCool Quirk Ideas My Hero Academia
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*this is the page where i will be providing different quirk ideas. Cool quirk ideas my hero academia. See more ideas about my hero, boku no hero academia, my hero academia.

Here Are The Various Original Quirks I’ve Come Up With.

Below are the quirks themselves and a description of what they are. So i was thinking about what cool quirks we could get from two characters having kids. So for fans of my hero academia, get ready to learn your quirk!

*This Is The Page Where I Will Be Providing Different Quirk Ideas.

My hero academia quirk ideas fantasy. This quirk allows him to infect his own body and if she could be a character in the game, that would be so cool. Lea ~ (she/her) i think about quirks a lot so here’s an entire stockpile of them.

*This Is The Page Where I Will Be Providing Different Quirk Ideas.

Quirk ideas for villain oc? In boku no hero academia, most of humanity develops strange, fascinating powers called quirks, giving rise to talented. If any of you don't know what my hero academia, look at the link cause i don't feel like explaining it.

This Name Generator Will Give You 10 Quirk Names For The My Hero Academia Universe.

By dubaikhalifas on feb 6, 2022. Boku no hero academia bnha mha my hero academia my idea my quirks bnha quirks quirk ideas midoriya izuku iida tenya uraraka ochako todoroki shouto asui tsuyu mina ashido momo yaoyorozu katsuki bakugou kirishima eijirou kaminari denki. My hero academia quirk generator.

Or Alter Existing Things Around Them In Certain Ways.

I have 13 ocs but i can't stop? Just some ideas about mha fan quirks i thought of and some i got inspired by :3 reached #11 in ideabooks! If you choose to use one or multiple in your own stories please let me know, i’d love to see what you do with them.